Celebrity Diets

We contacted celebrities who are known for their superior physiques: Men and women who are well-muscled, who have a lean waist, and who appear to be drug-free. You should notice a common theme: Most of them eat 6 to 8 meals a day.

We're always looking for more diet plans of well known celebrities. Our goal is to help people understand the importance of a good daily diet as part of their fitness or training program.

Candidates must be over 30 and have a superior physique that was not attained with drugs. Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you are interested in submitting a daily diet.

Dwayne Johnson
Ryan Reynolds
Halle Berry
Christian Bale
Bipasha Basu
Tom Cruise
Penelope Cruz
Dave Draper
Lou Ferrigno
Hugh Jackman
Taylor Lautner
Marilyn Monroe
Will Smith