I came down with the Delta Variant in late August, 2021.  
On September 4th, my O2 levels dipped below 90%, so I checked into a hospital - That's when my problems really began.  Not knowing anything at the time, I allowed the hospital to give me Remdesivir:

These were my stats on March 15, 2022:
6’4”, 238, 16% body fat

When I checked into the hospital on September 4th, I weighed 224 pounds.

These were the stats when I left the hospital on the 14th:
6’4”, 185lbs, 18% body fat (estimated)

I left against medical advice after 10 days because I was starting to get worse - I was improving for a while, but by day 8 I was exhausted from lack of sleep, I was getting weaker, and my breathing was getting worse!  I knew I was on a bad track, so I left the hospital on oxygen.

So I lost 40 pounds in those 10 days, more than 30 pounds of muscle!
I have organ damage - Kidneys and Heart - perhaps more, 
I can’t sing anymore,
I have a gut for the first time in my life, but I didn't give up:

Last October, my doctor release me to try and start working out, but to "be careful".
I found that I couldn't do hardly any cardio, but I did what I could.
I was able to lift weights though (very light weights), so I decided that part of my healing would involve adding muscle to my frame - 'Perhaps this would improve my immune system'.
Since October, I haven’t missed too many days.
I’m stronger than I’ve been for the last 5 years, and I’m not giving up!
It’s a privilege to wake up each day, and I thank God I’m still here fighting, living, loving, and enjoying life.
No excuses!

After a few months working out at home (with a chin-up bar and 25lb dumbbells), I started going to a gym to make variation a lot easier. 
The log below started the first day I entered a gym after COVID and I was already pretty strong from the at-home work-outs!

One last note: 
I work out "every day" with occasional interuptions - Push, Pull, Legs, Repeat (When Cardio gets easier, I may give Cardio it's own day).
If I'm too sore, I postpone a day.  I also let life get in the way occasionally - "Every day" usually ends up being 5 or 6 days a week, but not less than that! 
One must protect their workouts as if life depends on it.  In my case, it might!

Push Day

March 30, 2022

Max effort - OH DB Press x 8
20x8, 40x8, 60x6
Post-COVID personal best.



 April 13
DB Bench Press x 5
15, 25, 50, 75, 80x9
40x15 x3
Then a bunch of support work w/light weight and 10 to 15 reps.
Followed by 25 mins on a slow treadmill and a 32 gram protein bar - Eating it slowly over 30 minutes.


10 sets of close grip bench - 20 seconds of reps, 20 seconds of rest.

7th set was slow, so I stripped 20lbs of for the last 3.
6.5 min workout. No big deal!










Bench Press
10 sets every 30 seconds
135lbs with 50lb of chains for progressive resistance.
Reps ranged from 8 to 1!



5 minutes
Thrusters with 55lb dumbbells
Got 23



DB bench press x 6
25, 50, 75, 90x6!!!
I haven’t fought against gravity this well for a long time!
and I’m confident there are more epic battles to come!!


Push day max
DB OH Press
25x5, 50x5, 75x1


Push day.
Max effort
Bench x 5
45, 135, 185x5 - no spotter



5 minute AMRAP
DB OH Press
Got 25!


Close grip bench x 10
45, 135, 185x7 plus 135x8 (no rest),
135 x 15

As always, followed up with about 20 sets of support work on complimentary muscle groups.
Finished with a slow walk and a protein bar.

Not a great max effort day, but terrific progress has been made since getting up from a COVID death bed in October, 2021!!!
God is good, all the time!



Incline bench x 8
45, 95, 135x9
Don’t ignore your weaknesses!
(He says to himself almost weekly)
Incline bench is a monster weakness for me.





5 minute AMRAP
DB OH Press
Got 25 last time.


Leveredge bench x 10
50lb, 110, 200, 290
Leveredge is a machine you load with free weights.
The weight doesn’t translate to 1x1.



DB bench x 10 on 30-degree incline
20, 40, 50, 60 x 8.5
Upper chest and front delts are a weak point for sure! Always have been.
So I’m not going to ignore them.


6 rep max.
DB OH Press
20, 40, 60, 70x3
40x10, then off to support work.


Incline bench x 5
45, 95, 135, 155x6
95 x 15



DB press x 10 on 45-degree incline bench.
20, 40, 50,
60 x 10!
Big improvement on a weak point.
Still a long way to go.


Flat bench x 12
45, 135, 185 x 7
135 x 12



DB bench x 10 on 30-degree incline
20, 40, 50, 60x10, 70 x 4.5
Big progress!!



OH press x 6 every 60 seconds.
4 sets of 6, last set of 3
27 total.


5 minute AMRAP
DB OH Press
Got 26 last time.




Pull Day

 April 11

1RM chin-ups.
It ended at 70lbs.
Used to end at 110.
Getting there though!


 April 16
Sets of 5 chin-ups every 30 seconds:
Did 10 sets and took the 11th set to “failure”, which was 6.  so
56 in 5 1/2 minutes.
I’ll take it!



Chest-to-bar pull-ups:
3 sets with 30 seconds between sets:
2 1/2










Back day!
1RM Pull ups
BW x 2, +50x1, +75 x 1/2,
+30 x 6
BW x 10

















Back day.
Took it easy ‘cause I’m nursing a slight tear in the left biceps:
Wide grip chins x 12.



Max reps, Wide grip chins
16, I think. I lost count. Could have been 15
Still nursing a muscle strain in the left biceps.












Pull-ups at Intervals
10 seconds of effort
25 seconds of rest
10 sets.
Not as easy as I thought!
Got 35 chins.
This was the 1st real pull-up effort since I tore my left biceps 6 weeks ago.
It felt pretty good.
Should be at 50 on these.
Next month (maybe)!


Back Day!
T-bar rows x 10
45, 90, 135, 160 x 4



Simple max on WG chins. Pronated grip.
Hurt the left biceps again, helping someone move stuff.
Had to stop at 16
‘cause the arm pain got to a level 6.

Strength increasing while I nurse a minor injury!!!!


Back day
DB Pullovers on flat bench x 15
25, 50, 75, 90, 100 x 12.

5 min AMRAP



T-bar rows x 10
45, 90, 135x10
I stopped there. Left biceps is still sensitive.



Back day
DB Pullovers on flat bench x 15
25, 50, 75, 100 x 9



Speed work
Chins plus a 50lb band.
8 sets of 3 with 60 sec rest.


6 mile bike ride at a slow pace.
No weights today. Back tomorrow!

DB Pullovers on flat bench x 15
25, 50, 75, 100 x 10


Light back:
1 arm bent rows.
60lbs. 3 sets of 10 with no rest


6 every 60 seconds till I can’t complete a set.
Got 51




Leg Day!!!

 April 12

Back squats x 5 - max effort.
Ended with 225 x 6



  April 17
10 sets of squats.
20 seconds of squats with 20 seconds of rest.
185 lbs

Not many reps per set
Re-racked after every set
My goodness! What was I thinking?
Try it. I double dog dare you!


30” box jumps for 2 minutes
Got 32 jumps
Max effort Squats x 5
Finished at 245x4



Did triples on squats with 80lb resistance bands!
45lbs. Okay that was harder than I thought!
225x2 - this felt like every ounce of 385 at the top, or more. Legs are still weak from a bout with Remdesivir.



1 leg squats on a smith machine.
45 x 5
65 x 4
80 x 3
80 x 3
Alternated with one leg calf raises x 15












Leg Day!!!
5 minute AMRAP
Squats with 225 lbs
Got the 17th at the buzzer.



45x8, 135x8, 225x6



Front squats x 8
45, 135, 185 x 4





Squats @ 225 again
5 min AMRAP
19 reps!
2 better than last time!






1 hour with a push mower. Used that as a warm up
Max effort was triples on squats
45, 135, 225,
Stopped at 1 ‘cause it felt heavy and I wasn’t wearing a belt.
1st time with this much weight on my back since September- since I left a COVID hospital bed against medical advice.



5 min AMRAP
Squats @ 225lb
One less than last time.



Speed squats.
135lb plus 90 lbs of chains.
10 sets of 3, 20 seconds rest between sets.
Cardio plus weight training.



Triples on squats
45x10, 135x3, 225x3
Lots of support work!


1 leg squats on smith machine.
45x8, 95x5, 135x2
Support work hurt after this one!


Legs - Speed day
Squats. 10 sets of 5. 1 set per minute.
135 plus 50lb bands (235 at the top)
Painful and lovely!


One-leg squat on shrug machine x 6
0, 30, 50, 70x7




Hammer Leg Press x 10
180, 270, 360x10.
Thought I’d get to 450. Not happening yet!


45x10, 135x10



5 min AMRAP
Squats @ 225lb
One better.