I moved to a new town recently, so I'm looking for a new gym. While I'm on the hunt, I'm going to take the opportunity to write a few reviews! I hope to review at least a half dozen gyms over the next couple months.

Fair warning:
My reviews will be very biased and subjective, based on my specific 'needs':

  • Enough Free Weights to go around.
  • More than one Incline and Flat Bench Press.
  • WG chin bars. Surprisingly; some gyms don't have them.
  • People who know how to spot - staff members, or fitness members who have been around a weight room.
  • Strong 'cages'. The cage-type racks are very versatile. They can be used for squats, bench, OH presses, and so much more!
  • Resistance chains for plyometrics, bands, harnesses, etc. - A good variety of helpful accessories.
  • Floor space for lunges and other movements, like OH push-ups.
  • A dip bar. It seems not every gym has one; this is mystifying to me!
  • Easy on the budget.

I wouldn't pretend to write a helpful review about things of no interest to me personally - like spinning classes, or kick-boxing routines; but if your needs line up with mine, even a little bit, you should find this information helpful.
Here we go!

Kore7 Fitness:
Kore7 is a Central Ohio franchise with several locations. The Lewis Center location is fairly small, which is fine. My overall impression of Kore7 was very good! The equipment was in good shape, the staff was well-trained and friendly, the place was clean, and the over-all atmosphere was positive. I wouldn't have chosen the music they play, but at least it wasn't speed metal! FYI: I like (blistering fast Heavy Metal) in doses, but not for an entire workout.

How did Kore7 they meet my 'Kore' gym requirements?
It's a pretty good place. If they were closer to home, they might have become my new gym!
They had plenty of free-weights to go around, and the incline and flat benches were sturdy enough to support plenty of weight.
There were no chains - That's pretty typical, but they did have plenty of harnesses, prehab/rehab bands, and bars. That was a pleasant surprise.
I counted 4 chin-up bars! For a place so small, that was amazing!
There was plenty of floor space, but not a great deal of wall-space without a mirror or a window. Hand-stand push-ups are a thing now! but there's not much space for them at Kore7.
There was only 1 dip bar, and it didn't look very strong. It was one of those weight-assisted chin-up/dip machines: Not a good place to do weighted dips - I'd have been afraid to hang more than 45lbs from my waist!
The fees were very low - almost too low. That's not a complaint, except I hope they are charging enough to stay in business. It's a good gym, so I hope they do well! My (list of requirements) is very picky, so I'm pleased when a gym meets the first 4 criteria; and I'm thrilled to get a couple additional items! That's why my overall impression of Kore7 is positive, though I cited a number of criticisms above.

We'll post several gym reviews here, for the north-central Ohio area; and we'll consider adding reviews for other cities at a later date.